LAUDA® Proline P Stainless Steel Heating Circulating Water Baths With Master Thermostat

LAUDA® Proline series heating circulating baths are furnished with a chemically resistant stainless steel bath and is equipped with a Master thermostat digital control head. The Master contol head delivers heating power of 3.5kW and a temperature range of 30 to 300°C.. These circulating heating water baths are designed for high thermostating accuracy and reliability for applications where operating parameters are not changed or modified frequently. The Master control head has an easy-to-read green LED display that enables convenient setting of set-temperature and control of the Varioflex pressure pump via three operation buttons. It features indicator lights for heating, cooling, external control, and alarm, with a resolution of indication of 0.01°C and a setting resolution selectable as 0.1 or 0.01°C. The device has a selectable operating temperature range and an additional button for over-temperature protection. Graphical user guidance provides easy and intuitive operation, with adaptive control that saves time-consuming calculation of control parameters. External temperature control is provided via Pt100. Master version devices can be retrofitted with the Command remote control, which are simply connected to the control head. The thermostat automatically recognizes and controls all newly installed modules.

The Proline P series of lab water baths uses the patented SmartCool system for up to 75 percent energy saving with digital cooling management. The PowerAdapt system adjusts power consumption allowing use of the maximum available output from the power supply system. They also have an optical and audible alarm function, a simple temperature probe calibration, two insert ports for LiBus modules, and an integrated mains network safety device. Start mode control can be automatic or manual. The pump flow can be easily distributed by means of a bypass valve, allowing simultaneous connection of two external applications. Pump connections are located on both the side and the rear for flexible connection of external applications from different sides.

The Varioflex pressure pump on the Proline P water bath is a high-performance pressure pump only (no suction feature) with eight pump capacity settings to be connected to open and closed circuits. It is suitable for internal and external applications, and the pump power can be readily adapted to respective applications. Its low energy input makes working at the lowest temperatures possible. The patented low-level protection (DGM) is an additional safety advantage. Standard features of the Proline P water bath include a cooling coil with 2 nipples, a bath cover, and 2 nipples and 4 closing plugs for pump connections.

Applications include temperature control for chemical synthesis, tests on electronic components at different temperatures, temperature control of measuring structures in process technology, and heating and cooling of glass reactors. It is designated Safety Class II, FL for use with flammable liquids.

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