UVP® Benchtop UV Transilluminators

UVP offers a wide range of filter sizes and single or multiple UV wavelength transilluminators in a compact, benchtop size. UVP's patented 3UV™ Benchtop Transilluminator allows you to select between longwave, midrange and shortwave ultraviolet light exposure in one compact unit. 2UV models offer 302nm and 365nm UV in one model. 8-watt benchtop transilluminator models provide a low cost alternative to the High Performance UV Transilluminators. All Benchtop Transilluminator models are compact, lightweight units.

Easily view electrophoresis gels under 365nm longwave UV for extended periods of time avoiding photonicking damage. Researchers can use the 302nm midrange to increase the fluorescence for photodocumentation. Shortwave 254nm UV is used to irradiate samples. A variety of filter area work surface sizes are available. Each transilluminator features a hinged UV blocking cover that is adjustable for access to the filter surface.

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