Nalgene® Top Works™ Aseptic Closure System for Carboys & Bottles

Nalgene® Top Works™ silicone aseptic closure system for liquid dispensing from bottles and carboys combines a flexible platinum-cured silicone insert and a polysulfone screw closure with hole creating a primary elastomeric seal. High-purity platinum-cured silicone tubing is fused through the stopper to form a one-piece closure system ensuring the fluid contact areas are crevice-free to eliminate cross-contamination. This autoclavable leakproof system permits easy aseptic media transfer from common bottles and carboys. Aseptic liquid delivery screw caps have been designed with food-grade and noncytotoxic materials to meet USP VI requirements. Note: Not for use when creating pressure or vacuum conditions with containers that are not rated for pressure or vacuum applications. Not intended for invasive use. Autoclavable. Leakproof.

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