Millipore® Stericup™ Sterile Vacuum Filter Units

The Millipore Stericup™ sterile vacuum filter unit combines a Steritop™ bottle top filter with a Stericup™ filtering receiver and storage flask. The non-tipping, easy-grip filtering receiver bottle has a flask-shaped design and a compact profile improve stability during filtration. The filtrate receiver bottle's easy-grip design makes handling easier and makes the Stericup™ ideal for use in laminar flow hoods. As an added convenience, the bottom of the receiver flask is slightly recessed, enabling capped flasks to be stacked for convenient storage. The receiver flask is made from clear durable polystyrene and the entire unit is sterilized by gamma irradiation.

Packaged sterile. Applications include sterilization of tissue culture media and additives, protein solutions, virus suspensions, DNA, and other aqueous solutions. Millipore AP20 series glass microfiber filters are recommended for use as prefilters for difficult-to-filter solutions. Prefilters are placed inside the funnel, on top of the membrane and secured by a convenient tab specifically designed to hold prefilters. Millipore AP20 glass microfiber filters are available separately. (See Item #: MIL-AP2007500 to order prefilters)