Millipore® Steriflip™ GP Centrifuge Tube Vacuum Filter Unit, Sterile

The Millipore® Steriflip™ filter centrifuge filtering unit is designed to work with standard 50mL centrifuge tubes, which eliminates sample transfer. To filter, just attach the unit to a 50mL centrifuge tube containing your sample, flip it over and apply the vacuum pressure. When finished, the filtrate collects in the attached 50mL centrifuge tube.

Millipore® Steriflip™ Nylon Net filters are now available in 40, 60 and 100µm pore sizes, making them ideal for stem cell, cardiomyocite, neurological and skeletal tissue applications. The vacuum-assisted, closed system option ensures sample sterility while enabling faster separation of large volumes of cellular material and improved recoveries. Ideal for filtration and sterilization of tissue culture media and additives, protein solutions, virus suspensions, DNA, and other aqueous solutions. Filtration unit includes filter, 50mL graduated plastic centrifuge tubes, centrifuge tube cap and stand.

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