Millipore® Stainless Steel 47mm Pressure Filter Holder 100mL Barrel Reservoir

The Millipore stainless steel pressure filter holder is designed to ultraclean or sterilize small volumes using gas pressure filtration through a suitable membrane filter supported on holder base. Designed for use with 47mm membrane filters with an 11.3cm2 filtration area. Filter holder assembly is assembled with PTFE and fluoroelastomer sealing materials. Filter holder also has an integral 9.5mm (3/8-Inch) hose connector inlet with a outlet configuration consisting of a No. 8 perforated silicone rubber stopper which mounts to a standard 1L filtering flask. Entire assmbly includes a stainless steel barrel, base, filter support screen, top cap, tubing adapter, anodized aluminum locking ring and the No. 8 silicone rubber stopper. Prefilter Diameter: 42mm (Thick Depth) or 47mm membrane filter. Barrel Reservoir Capacity: 100mL.