Whatman™ UNIPLATE™ Assay Collection Microplates

Whatman™ UNIPLATE™ microplates conform to the ANSI/SBS microplate standards and fit most microplate readers and automated plate handling devices. Whatman UNIPLATE™ microplates are suitable for a wide range of applications and of course simple filtrate collection. They are ideally used in tandem with Whatman's UNIFILTER® filtering microplates. These microplates are also ideal for homogeneous assay techniques utilized in HTS. Whatman UNIPLATE™ microplates are suitable for use with robotic handlers and centrifuge carriers. Applications include: sample storage, assay development, HTS (high-throughput screening), plasmid miniprep, ELISA assays, chemiluminescence, luminescence, cell culture and filtrate collection.

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