Test Tube Racks & Supports

Nalgene® BioTransport Test Tube Rack Carriers

The Nalgene® polycarbonate closed-system carrier has a silicone gasket and polycarbonate clamps. It is designed to protect the lab employee during transportation of Unwire test tube racks containing tubes or sample holders filled with potentially hazardous samples. These test tube rack carriers are tough and break-resistant. The easy-to-grasp side handles are molded in for easy transport around the lab. Clamps securely hold carrier closed and assure a leak proof seal. To avoid exposure to biohazardous material in the event of accidental spills within carrier autoclave and dispose of carrier and contents without opening clamps. Remove the cover before autoclaving Meets OSHA Standard 29 CFR Part 1910.1030 for use as protection against blood borne pathogens.