Hazmat Coveralls & Hazmat Suits

Ansell® AlphaTec® 5000 Model 186-G02 Apollo Hazmat Suits

The Ansell® AlphaTec® 5000 Model 186-G02 Apollo Hazmat Suit is a fully-encapsulated, liquid-tight chemical hazmat suit designed for use in conjuction with a self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA). The highly visible innovative material used to manufacture these hazmat suits is strong, durable and suitable for workers in extremely hazardous areas as well as Hazmat Emergency Response Teams. The ultrasonically welded seams found throughout the suit provides the highest level barrier protection from both liquids and particulates. Applications include: Industrial and Tank Cleaning, Sewage purification installations, Chemical Handling, Oil & Petrochemical Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, Mining, Agriculture & Pesticide Manufacturing, Hazmat Emergency Response and First Response & Fire Response Services. Side entry double-zipper system. Expanded back area accommodates SBCA inside the hazmat suit. Ultrasonically welded and taped seams. Attached socks with static dissipative sole and boot overflap. Also includes attached Ansell Barrier Gloves with no-drip, double-cuff design. PVC multi-layer visor with rear-positioned exhalation valves. Bat-wing design enables air gauge checking within the hazmat suit. Material construction also provides enhanced puncture-resistance.