Nunc™ Cell Culture Dishes with UpCell™ Surface

These Nunc cell culture dishes feature an UpCell™ surface which is a temperature-responsive surface that supports non-enzymatic harvesting of adherent cells for preservation of cell viability and surface proteins. By simply transferring the culture to room temperature, the cells can be collected in suspension or in the form of "cell sheet". The UpCell™ surface allows non-enzymatic cell harvest by simply reducing the temperature of the cell culture to below 32°C, resulting in highly viable cells with intact cell surface proteins. There is no trypsinization-intact cell surface proteins. No physical force is needed allowing you to get high cell viability. Recommended for culture passaging, single-cell analyses and, cell transplantation research, and 3-D tissue models. Requires minimal hands-on time. For research and single-use only. Comes with a lid and an airvent. Membrane is not included. Sterile.

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