Wheaton® Cost Buster High Volume Roller Culture Apparatus

The Wheaton® Cost Buster high volume production roller apparatus provides the maximum amount of potential cell culture growth area available in the smallest amount of space. This is accomplished by reducing the spacing between decks. Controls and drive units are located on top of the unit, providing easy access for maintenance. The open frame design allows better air flow, which minimizes top-to-bottom temperature gradients. Cost busters can accommodate roller bottles from 110 to 121mm in diameter and up to 550mm in length. Each roller is driven by nonslip belts and pulleys for positive traction (especially important for use with lightweight plastic bottles). Maximum production capacity in a minimum amount of space. Soft start feature minimizes cell disruption. Maximum temperature for use is 40°C. Conforms to UL, CSA and CE standards. 1 year warranty. Roller bottles are available separately.

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