Scienceware® Ergopet® Pipet Aids

The Ergopet™ series of pipettors is designed to reduce fatigue on the pipetting hand while working inside a hood or on a bench top. These pipet aids allow users to maintain comfortable and natural hand positions that will reduce fatigue and stress throughout repeated pipetting procedures. The variable, extended height raises the tip of the pipet so that lab technicians can rest their elbow on the bench top and support both their arm and the pipetting aid.

A swiveling head provides 90° rotation for unobstructed viewing of the pipet while aspirating and dispensing. The chuck can also be rotated to change the angle of the pipet from vertical to 15° outward. Taller models improve accuracy in sighting of the meniscus. All models are lightweight with a comfortable grip. Separated aspiration and dispensing soft-touch buttons are positioned within easy reach for fine control. A smooth silicone chuck accepts either plastic or glass serological pipets from 1mL to 20mL and provide a leak-proof seal. All models include a replaceable filter seated in the chuck which protects pipets from over-aspiration.

The Ergopet™ Bellows series utilizes a rugged, hand-operated bellows that provides 100mL of pipetting volume and offers continuous, silent operation. These pipet aids do not require batteries, a power cord or vacuum tubing. The Ergopet™ Air Powered series utilizes a remote air pump connected with lightweight, flexible tubing. The pump is powered by a 120V source to provide continuous operation. This configuration minimizes the overall weight of the device. Ergopet™ Battery Powered devices provide added mobility and a unique ability to control aspirating and dispensing speeds from slow slow to fast. These portable pipet aids run on two rechargeable 1.2V AA NiMH batteries that can be recharged approximately 500 times with the supplied wall charger. (Rechargeable batteries included). The Ergopet™ Memory series aspirates and dispenses precise liquid amounts repeatedly in memory mode without repeated referral to graduations. The Memory series pipet aids also run on the same rechargeable 1.2V AA NiMH batteries (Also included).

The ABS weighted base stabilizes only Ergopet™ Battery Powered and Memory devices in an upright position on bench tops or any flat surface. The wire support stand offers convenient in-use storage by holding the instrument in a vertical position. Ergopet pipet aid stands are manufactured with rigid wire with a blue epoxy finish.