Eppendorf® Sterile Combitips advanced® Positive Displacement Pipet Tips

Eppendorf Sterile Combitips advanced® positive displacement pipet tips are certified sterile and available with a certificate upon request. They function according to the positive-displacement principle, ensuring that the correct volume is dispensed with regard to the density and viscosity of the liquid used. The positive-displacement system provides safer dispensing of radioactive and toxic substances as well as solutions with high vapor pressure. The hermetically sealed piston of these tips prevents aerosol contamination. Combitip advanced® positive displacement pipet tips can simply be ejected and disposed of after use. Tips easily attach to the Eppendorf® Multipettes™, Repeater® Plus, Repeater Plus-8®, Repeater Stream®, Repeater Xstream® and the EDOS® Electronic Dispensing System.

Features & Benefits:

  • New individual color coding facilitates quick identification of the desired tip.
  • Certified Sterile & Pyrogen-Free. Slip agent free.
  • Funnel geometry from cylinder to rim prevents damage to gloves and ensures comfortable handling.
  • Function according to the positive displacement principle.
  • Elongated design for complete emptying of all common tubes.
  • Optimized graduations for visibility of liquid volume.
  • Automatic Combitip advanced® recognition and volume calculation.
  • 3D design on the upper rim for easy recognition.
  • Maximum range offered by nine volume sizes (0.1mL to 50mL).
  • Dust-free storage packaging.
  • Combitips advanced® are dispensed with an extricable chute & portioned in bags of 25 tips.