Eppendorf® PCR Clean Combitips advanced® Positive Displacement Pipet Tips

Eppendorf ® PCR Clean Combitips advanced ®positive displacement pipet tips are certified free of human DNA which avoids unspecific signals due to DNA contamination. The DNase-free and RNase-free characteristics of these pipet tips handle liquid samples which will not be affected by RNA or DNA degrading enzymes. They are also free of any kind of PCR inhibiting agents which supports highest efficiency of the reaction.

They function according to the positive-displacement principle, ensuring that the correct volume is dispensed with regard to the density and viscosity of the liquid used. The positive-displacement system provides safer dispensing of radioactive and toxic substances as well as solutions with high vapor pressure. The hermetically sealed piston of these tips prevents aerosol contamination. Combitip advanced® positive displacement pipet tips can simply be ejected and disposed of after use. Tips easily attach to the Eppendorf® Multipettes™, Repeater® Plus, Repeater Plus-8®, Repeater Stream®, Repeater Xstream® and the EDOS® Electronic Dispensing System. Combitips advanced® are the ideal components for all Multipettes™.

Features & Benefits:

  • New individual color coding facilitates quick identification of the desired tip.
  • Slip agent free.
  • Funnel geometry from cylinder to rim prevents damage to gloves and ensures comfortable handling.
  • Function according to the positive displacement principle.
  • Elongated design for complete emptying of all common tubes.
  • Optimized graduations for visibility of liquid volume.
  • Automatic Combitip advanced® recognition and volume calculation.
  • 3D design on the upper rim for easy recognition.
  • Maximum range offered by nine volume sizes (0.1mL to 50mL).
  • Dust-free storage packaging
  • Combitips advanced® are dispensed with an extricable chute & portioned in bags of 25 tips.

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