Robotic Pipet Tips

Axygen® Robotic Pipet Tips for Beckman® MultiMek™ Systems

These Corning Axygen® robotic pipet tips are compatible with Beckman Coulter® MultiMek™ automated workstations; either CSS-style or Type II heads. These robotic pipet tips minimize waste of precious samples and reagents while handling. Nucleic acid, nuclease, and endotoxin-safe for complete protection against contamination. Robotic pipet tips are available in filtered or non-filtered styles. Choose from either sterile or non-sterile versions as well. All Axygen® automation pipet tips are certified RNase-, DNase- and Endotoxin-Free by lot analysis.

Axygen® MAXYMum Recovery™ liquid automation pipet tips are designed for high throughput screening and other automated applications requiring a high degree of accuracy and reproducibility. Axygen® robotic pipet tips feature unsurpassed straightness to ensure the tip enters the well smoothly, every time.

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