Eppendorf® Research® plus Multichannel Pipettes

The durable Eppendorf® Research plus 8- and 12-channel multichannel pipettes set a new standard in pipetting. They meet the highest needs in precision and accuracy combined with ultimate ergonomics and increased flexibility. This ultra light, fully autoclavable multichannel pipette features a spring loaded tip cone, a secondary calibration option, and an improved volume display with 4-digits and a magnifying shape.

Autoclave the entire pipette without disassembling, or only the lower part. Resistance to chemical, thermal and mechanical stress is unchallenged. The quick connection clip allows easy removal of the lower portion. The spring loaded tip cone provides improved ergonomics, easy and homogeneous tip attachment, and a tight fit to the tip. The channel indicator allows the user to use the pipette the same way all the time. Individual channels can be removed to gain flexibility for individual needs.