TexWipe® TexMop™ Mop Handles & Extensions

Texwipe® offers a complete line of cleanroom mop handles which can be used interchangeably with TexWipe® cleanroom mops including AlphaMop™, BetaMop®, and ClipperMop™.

Features & Benefits

  • Cleanroom mop handle lengths range from 12-Inches (30cm) to 16-Feet (4.8m).
  • Used to clean cleanroom floors, walls, ceilings, isolators, hoods, confined areas, and hard-to-reach areas.
  • The TexConnect™ mop head adapter allows for interchangeable use with most screw-based cleanroom mop heads.
  • TexWipe® TexMop™ cleanroom mop handles are available in either stainless steel, aluminum or fiberglass options.
  • All TexWipe® TexMop™ cleanroom mop handles are adapter-friendly and fully autoclavable for sterile and aseptic cleaning applications.