Coated & Dipped Knit Work Gloves

Ansell® HyFlex® 11-618 Knit Gloves with Polyurethane Coating

Ansell’s HyFlex® 11-618 light-duty knit gloves feature a thin, 18-guage nylon liner and are designed for handling the most delicate parts and objects. These gloves also provide outstanding tactility and dexterity. Almost a second skin, this very thin work glove offers outstanding comfort, fit and touch sensitivity. Designed for a wide range of lightweight applications in dry or slightly oily environments, these thin work gloves are ideal for workers who need a higher level of fit, touch and precision than that offered by their current gloves. Dark blue Nylon liner and grey polyurethane palm-dipped coating of the glove mask dirt and reduce glove waste. ANSI Level 3 Abrasion, ANSI Level A1 Cut Resistance Protection.