Coated & Dipped Knit Work Gloves

Ansell® HyFlex® 11-600 Polyurethane Coated Knit Work Gloves

Ansell's HyFlex® 11-600 series nylon knit work gloves are designed for light applications that require good levels of comfort and abrasion resistance. Offering precise handling of small objects in dry or light oily environments, HyFlex® 11-600 is the practical choice when you are looking for dexterity. HyFlex® 11-600 provides enhanced safety, dexterity and durability compared to other glove options often used in the same applications. Nylon-lined and polyurethane-coated, perfect for light duty applications where comfort and manuverability are more directly necessary. Available in both white and black colored nylon glove liners.