BriskHeat® Centipede® Temperature Controller System

This Centipede® module unit is a compact 2in (51mm) PID-autotuned temperature controller. It provides a temperature controller for each heater in a system, allowing the network of up to 40 zones using CAT5 communication cable. Monitor and program modules with operator interface, or use a stand-alone with module power supply for easy monitoring at one central location. the PID-autotuned control receives set-point through communication link and stored in nonvolatile memory (retains settings if power is interupted). Features automatically assigned zone addresses and includes a 100ohm DIN 385 curve Class B platinum Resistance Temperature Detector (RTD). Dual color LED's in red and green (red indicates fault). Module communication is with Modbus through CAT5 communication cable. Input power of 12 to 24VDC with maximum of 0.04a supplied through CAT5 communication cable. Output relay is solid state 277VAC maximum with 50-60Hz and 4.5Amaximum. Maximum CAT5 communication cable length is 500ft (152m). Available factory pre-set upon request. Dimensions: 2 x 2 x 1in (51 x 51 x 25mm). Temperature Control Range: 32° To 662°F (0° To 350°C).

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