BriskHeat® TT Table Top Composite Curing Temperature Controller Kit

The BriskHeat® temperature controller provides basic temperature control for composite curing applications. Controllers are portable, lightweight and housed in a self-contained casing with handle for easy transport. Includes eight-segment ramp/soak control. Compatible with all BriskHeat® silicone heater composite curing blankets. Vacuum capability is available with the optionsl Venturi pump as an add-on accessory. Includes universal voltage and high amperage capacity of up to 30amps.

The BriskHeat® TT Table Top Composite Curing Temperature Controller Kit includes one TT table top controller unit, one 20-foot Type-J thermocouple and one 10-foot heater output cord. Additional features and specifications include:

- 400°F (200°C) Maximum temperature control.
- Dual display with Setpoint and Actual Temperature. Programmable in either °F or °C.
- Simple four key user control with 14 programmable alarm types. Alarms are both visual and audible.
- Accuracy within ±1° of least significant digit.
- Input Voltage: 100-130VAC, 200-240VAC/50-60Hz. Includes 30amp circuit breaker and 6-foot input power cord with bare wire connection.
- Includes both standard and mini Type-J thermocouple receptacle connections.
- Includes Auto/Manual controlability with program security locks.

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