Nalgene® Narrow-Mouth Centrifuge Bottles, Polycarbonate

These Nalgene® centrifuge bottles are made of transparent polycarbonate and have a white polypropylene screw cap closure. Centrifuge bottles feature a narrow-mouth design and excellent mechanical strength. For leakproof service at maximum rated speeds or when spinning hazardous materials a Nalgene® sealing cap assembly (see item#: NAL-DS3131-0038) is required. When using this 250mL-size centrifuge bottle in the Sorvall GSA rotor use the Nalgene® centrifuge bottle adapter (see item#: NAL-DS3125-0250). Before autoclaving set closure on top of the bottle without engaging the threads. For proper performance this bottle must be filled to at least 80% of the total capacity.