Nalgene® Spherical Bottom Centrifuge Bottles, Polycarbonate

Nalgene® translucent polycarbonate centrifuge bottles are furnished with a white polypropylene screw closure and are rated for forces up to 27,500 x g. Spherical-bottom design of the centrifuge bottle facilitates pellet formation and retrieval. For leakproof service at high speeds or when spinning hazardous materials use NALGENE sealing cap assembly (see item#: NAL-DS3131-0038). Use with NALGENE spherical-bottom centrifuge bottle support (see item#: NAL-DS3124-0010) which is available separately. Before autoclaving set closure on top of the bottle without engaging the threads. For proper performance these bottles must be filled to at least 80% of the total capacity. Autoclavable.