Millipore® Centriprep™ Centrifugal Filter Concentrators

Millipore's Centriprep™ 15mL Centrifugal Filter Unit is ideal for protein concentration and purification of particle filled solutions or high concentrations. These unique centrifugal filter devices are able to separate low molecular weight solutes from cell culture media, cell lysates or even fermentation broths. They feature a unique flow mode with a large deadstop for fast sample processing. Centrifugal filter units incorporate a Millipore Ultracel YM filter membrane which is made from a highly purified form of regenerated cellulose filter material. Sample reservoir and filtrate collector are constructed of clear polycarbonate plastic. Twist-Lock cap and Air-Seal cap are made from durable nylon and polypropylene plastic respectively. Recommended for use with a 50mL centrifuge tube in either a swing bucket or fixed-angle rotor. Max volume capacity is 12mL to 15mL. Typical final concentrate resulting volume is 3mL after one spin.

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