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Axygen® AxyPrep™ Blood Total RNA Purification Miniprep Kits, Corning®

The AxyPrep™ Blood Total RNA Miniprep kit is designed to process up to 400µL of anticoagulated whole blood per prep. RBCs are removed using a special lysis buffer. Following WBC lysis, genomic DNA and protein are removed via precipitation, which significantly improves the yield and purity of the total RNA sample. The carryover of genomic DNA is greatly reduced and the opportunity for column clogging is eliminated, ensuring optimal consistency between preps. The mini spin/vac column allows samples to be processed using either a centrifuge or vacuum manifold. Each miniprep column will bind up to 100µg of total cellular RNA. Features rapid spin and vacuum protocols, no alcohol precipitation, and no column clogging. There is a dramatic reduction in DNA carryover. Provides higher yields, higher purity, and highly intact total RNA suitable for all applications.

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