Axygen® Nucleic Acid Purification Kits, Corning®

Axygen® AxyPrep™ DNA Gel Extraction Kits, Corning®

Corning's AxyPrep™ DNA Gel Extraction kit employs optimized reagents in combination with a convenient spin column to purify DNA fragments from either TAE or TBE agarose gels (regular and low-melt). Each AxyPrep column will bind up to 8µg of DNA. DNA fragments in a size range of 75bp up to 10kb can be efficiently recovered. Depending upon the length of the DNA fragment, the recovery rate is approximately 60-85%. The unique buffer formulation ensures complete gel solubilization while also protecting the DNA fragments against damage and degradation. DNA fragments purified by this method are full-length with high biological activity. These fragments are suitable for all routine molecular biology applications, such as ligation, in vitro transcription, PCR, sequencing, microinjection, etc.

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