Axygen® Nucleic Acid Purification Kits, Corning®

Axygen® AxyPrep™ miRNA Micro RNA Purification Miniprep Kits, Corning®

The Axyprep™ miRNA miniprep kit represents a new approach for purification of Micro (miRNA) RNA directly from animal or plant tissue and cultured cells. It produces a purified cellular RNA subfraction which is highly enriched for lower molecular weight species, such as miRna, siRnas and tRnas. This kit is designed to eliminate the problems associated with other spin column type RNA kits, such as column clogging and incomplete purification. Proteins and genomic DNA are precipitated and removed from the cell lysate. Then, larger RNAs, such as mRNA, 1 s and 2 s rRNA and residual DNA are removed by binding to a spin/vac column. miRNA and siRNA remain unbound and are recovered by the addition of isopropanol and centrifugation.

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