Axygen® Nucleic Acid Purification Kits, Corning®

Axygen® AxyPrep™ Multisource Genomic DNA Purification Miniprep Kits, Corning®

This AxyPrep™ Multisource Genomic DNA Miniprep kit is designed to purify genomic DNA from animal and plant tissues, cultured cells and yeast. Proteins, pigments, carbohydrates and lipids are efficiently segregated from the genomic DNA by a unique two-phase partition. The genomic DNA is bound to an AxyPrep™ Genomic DNA column, where residual impurities and salt are removed. Genomic DNA prepared by this method is approximately greater than or equal to 30Kb in length and is suitable for a variety of applications, such as PCR amplification, Southern blot analysis, RAPD, AFLP and RFLP, etc. Each AxyPrep™ column will bind and purify up to 20µg of highly purified bacterial genomic DNA